Guided Tour: Michelangelo’s David: A History in Plaster

Dato: 31. aug. 2014
Tidspunkt: 14:30 - 15:30
Pris: Free

Join us on a guided tour and discover thousands of plaster sculptures and explore naked figures, pagan gods and Christian art in the old Westindian Warehouse at Tolbodgade.

Originally the warehouse was built to accommodate sugar and rum. But in 1984 the Royal Cast Collection moved in and turned the warehouse into an exhibition space that house plaster casts of some of art histories´ absolute highlights.

Join us for a guided tour when we unveil the stories about everything from pagan gods to scenes from the Bible.

Please notice: The  Royal Cast Collection is located on

"The Westindian Warehouse"
Toldbodgade 40
1253 København K

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