Hvordan oplevede du udstillingen? Hvad vil du sige til Bob Dylan om hans malerier? Hvilke tanker satte kunsten i gang? Skriv i kommentarfeltet nedenfor.

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tanker - tja det slog mig. at det jo også ger af beskuerens baggrundsviden når man fortolker / kigger billeder.
De emner som Bob's billeder behandler er i mine øjne klichéer og gammel vin på nye flasker - det gider jeg ikke

Jeg syntes ikke hans billeder taler til mine følelser og ummiddelbart giver mig noget.
... måske mest derfor syntes jeg ikke det er STOR kunst, men han tegner/maler da godt.
  • Mariane
  • 03-04-11 12:22
Hej! I saw the exhibition twice, I have also seen the aquarells in Germany. The paintings came through to me. I had a dark lonely feeling though the amount of colour and light. I admire the work in some painting like the one with the boxer, amazing light in the window and Grande A´rvore Beachfront. I didnt like Renunciation and some paintings scared me, like the sharpshooter and the politican: to live a life, to need to paint this..brr. the naked woman in the bush and revelations made me yeallous, I coulnt see the beauty. just the horny wibe.The exotic woman dancing in sideshow was thrilling and Pianoplayer smooth.Bahia and Gypsies mmm. As a painter I dont like the unfinished ugly hands. Bob you got beautifull hands, study them in detail and youll learn.
There was a train too, I love trains.
Great show it really made me long for oil colors and painting and I did go home and paint!!! Thank You Great work Mr Dylan! PS. You forgot to sign them
Somebody reading? Go see the show.
  • Pia Mariana Olterman
  • 26-02-11 09:29
Er der gratis adgang til udstillingen af Bob Dylan i forlængelse af Vinterjazz? Det fremgår af en artikel på Pol.dk, men ikke umiddelbart af SMK.dk
  • Jakob
  • 29-01-11 10:56
Been trav'ling to the North Country fair to see these paintings and loved it. Wish I could have stayed around longer or go again, I already miss those works and the catalogue is nothing against their reality. Thanks Bob & the museum for staging this show!
  • Wiebke
  • 27-01-11 07:42
Through your eyes and brush strokes
I walk around the roads
in narrow alleys
over fields and vineyards
through the bamboo road
All these people
what do they think of
what are they waiting for
what is the code
where is the love
I feel so lonely
Events without meaning
Some playing cards
A rider ponders, understands and knows
in a moment a true world with life and love
Everything is so beautiful in a sad way
what happened with the colors in the painting
when rain falls over the hills of Favela
That I do, is it enough, he asks and wonders
The hunter raises the gun and starts to shoot
It´s time for us to reap the fruit
I hear creaking wagon wheels
I hear the blows of a sword to be free
and far away I hear a woman sing
I´m drowing in a world of colors
let me drown in the warm colors of red
You know, when I see the paintings
from The Brazil series
I will lay me down and send
words through the breeze
to please your mind
  • Mona Glasare
  • 11-01-11 20:53
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