Hvordan oplevede du udstillingen? Hvad vil du sige til Bob Dylan om hans malerier? Hvilke tanker satte kunsten i gang? Skriv i kommentarfeltet nedenfor.

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100 kr. in entrance???
It just too expensive for experience art in general.
Soo - We choosed not to experience it.
  • Søren Bie
  • 10-01-11 10:08
absolutely lovely !

...just study the paintings and forget about the famous rock artist behind them, then you'll see...

it could have been gogh?
  • j
  • 03-01-11 13:09
Det är ingen skicklig konstnär som gjort dessa målningar men han vill berätta historier och det tycker jag att han lyckas med i de flesta bilderna.
Bob Dylan skulle troligtvis bli en bättre serietecknare.

Karin P. 20101210
  • Karin Pettersson
  • 30-12-10 08:26
A Dylan with humor obviously painted two revelations at the same time.
I walked in to the exhibition behind those etched glassdoors with expectations up to the roof.
Counterclockwise I started my education of art. From the first painting to the fifth or sixth, I don’t know, it didn’t ring any bells inside my head. Maybe it was because I forgot to breathe.
Then came the Boxing Gym and I got my first Aha-experience. I saw everything with "round eyes", even though I’ve studying his paintings before both on this homepage and on the internet in every way I could. I change my point of view and needed to start all over again.
This time I understood better and I saw cubes and fields of colors and everything looked like I was in a jungle.
I moved very slowly and stuck very close to his paintings so I could soak in every detail from them all.
I felt that Bob Dylan is far more generous than I ever could imagine and that must be seen in the light of my already high thoughts of him.
To look so close and then walk out of there would be a big mistake. The man on the horseback became my first favorite. It was softer in style and the man on the horseback looked so friendly and safe as if he experienced the world in a more forgiving way. The lines of his clothes were softer and the board’s colors looked more beautiful even though they really were pretty dismal.
The woman with the machete was nice and Mango Swamp was like something from a dream about death, both beautiful and frightening.
The couple eating spaghetti had the same duality, they were dressed up but ate their food like savages.
The Ventriloquist has qualities that didn’t come to my mind at the first glance but now it’s hard to let go
Woman at the piano became my second favorite. Just as the man on horseback the background was calm.
I loved the sheet of music on her piano, the bright colors. I felt the wing beat of time from Salzburg and found it quite amazing to look at a painting of Bob Dylan whom I began to love for his music and know that he will stay alive just as long as Mozart has done in our consciousness. What a fantastic world we live in, which lets us be a part of history as we look back on it.
"The courtroom" was absolutely wonderful! The eyes of the men were quite enchanting. The man at the back of the right side had eyes more dangerous than Bob Dylan on his album New Morning.
"The woman who was singing" was nice as well as “the hunter” and then coming close to the exit again they just hung there ”Villa Favela Branco” and “Favela Villa Candido”. They seem to become the favorites of every visitor. I guess it’s the brighter colors that appeal to us and geometrical squares make some sort of order in life. Even though I know that the rain will hit harder on the top of the mountainside and destroy those sheds and houses first I found them encouraging.
“Grande Árvore Beachfront” I walked right past.
On my second lap I got stuck for the woman with the piano again and her sheets of music. I stopped at the “singing woman” one more time and suddenly my whole body began to vibrate. Was it because I felt so involved in the scene or because of the perfect perspective or did I feel the vibrations of Bob Dylan?
No, yes, no…I got that feeling that the woman recently died and her spirit was right there. The energy was so pure and thin like a string on the guitar. People gathered around me and I walked away.
At “Grande Árvore Beachfront” I stopped again just to find the motor of that vehicle looking like a treasure with diamonds. The bright colors again!
In the middle of the room there were several copies of the book sold and original drawings in what to me looked like charcoal. The drawings were softer in form and seem to give a more moving expression. They didn’t look like his paintings but with croquis you can capture a lot in a short time so I guess he did more than one drawing for every occasion.
On my third lap I walked holding a distance to all paintings.

Standing beside the “Mango Swamp” I turned around and like an angel had entered the room I saw the great light in all his paintings!
What an experience! So brilliant to create a whole series which meditate inner light!
Then I looked forward again and realised that I was inside a church with Dylans paintings like church windows.
Bewildering! I also saw that each painting is a masterpiece! I could really see these paintings hanging in various environments and give rise to both comfort and discussions. I could see how these paintings will go around in different parts of the world to join several hundred years later.

When I realized that Dylans paintings will go down to history I was captured by the seriousness of the moment.

I went to see some more exhibitions.
Picasso seemed pale and it was only a few dark spots shaped like characters that appealed to me. Edvard Munch had a few paintings hanging and…were they not surprisingly similar to Dylans? Well, back to Dylans room I felt the damp smell again and stuck out my nose towards a painting in order to find the smell traces of Dylan or some smoke but I only got a snapshot of him in a bathrobe, nice! However I felt a clear fresh metal smell like coming from magnesium or aluminum. I heard a couple who muttered Edvard Munch but I hardly listened because I was totally thrilled by the tide of history. I realized I couldn’t grasp it all at once. It was so powerful. I understand that there are additional dimensions in his work that I haven’t discovered yet. It is not the details that will open my mind even more, I guess, but a very much larger dimension of something that will turn out.

Dylan and The National Gallery of Denmark, who arranged the exhibition in a splendid way and we who are able to see are all winners!
  • A-swedish-soul
  • 08-11-10 14:57

Bare de fem smagsprøver I har vist her på siden af hr. Dylans frembringelser, fortæller mig, at det ikke er umagen værd at gå ind og se resten. Det er ikke fordi det er grimt, det er bare kedelige aftenskole-hygge-malerier, ganske ufarlige og uinteressante uden personlighed og nerve. SMK afslører også ved sine 'begrundelser' for hvorfor Bob Dylans malerier skal hænge på museet, at det ihvertfald ikke er for det kunstneriske niveau, at museet har valgt ham. Kasper Monrad undgår behændigt at komme ind på teknik, perspektiv, sjæl, liv, budskab og hvad man ellers kan komme ind på når man skal fortælle hvorfor et maleri er kunst og ikke bare et pænt billede. Kommentarerne under de fem viste billeder er lige så uinteressante som billederne, og kan ikke andet end blot referere hvad disse forestiller..men der er heller ikke andet at sige - jo, man kunne bryde sammen, være ærlig og skrive, at det er noget kedeligt bras. Men uhh nej, det er jo Bob Dylan... Hvad var det nu det der eventyr hed..? Jo! Kejserens ny klæder..Men kan man ikke kræve at barren for hvad der må hænge på SMK bliver sat lidt højere? Er det virkelig nok at personen bag skilderierne er kendt?
  • Flemming Høgstoft
  • 22-09-10 11:33
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