Hvordan oplevede du udstillingen? Hvad vil du sige til Bob Dylan om hans malerier? Hvilke tanker satte kunsten i gang? Skriv i kommentarfeltet nedenfor.

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the paintings were very interesting ... i especially loved the video presenation where a cross-section of the population were commenting on chosen paintings ... highly recommended
  • aaron bravo gallo
  • 07-09-10 17:36
Good to see Bob still observing and grounded in self expression. Enjoyed viewing the Series on-line and encouraged to see that he is still creating and commenting as he was over 50 years ago.

Congradulations to the entire SMK team and Bob for conceiving and putting this together for us all to see. It's an important work

John, Montreal
  • John Hodges
  • 05-09-10 15:39
bob paints like he sings........(draw your own conclussions)
  • alan
  • 04-09-10 15:51
What paintings? Oh, I guess they're okay. If you like 'em, you like 'em and if'n you don't, you don't. don't think twice honey, just allow him one more chance. and ma, don't you go worryin' either because he's only bleedin'. most likely he'll go his way and i'll go mine. tell me that it isn't true, oops, obviously there must be five believers because there must be some way out'o' here. besides, i can walk anytime i want around the block. hey, you out there, i'll let you be in my dreams if'n i can be in yours'.
all art is great if'n you're the first t'do it otherwise placing and showing don't matter to me at all. don't leave your day job.
  • mike
  • 04-09-10 04:23
I think, and all the people I know who have seen them agree, that these paintings are quite possibly the worst I have even seen.

Sample of comments I've received via e-mail:

"Guy is unable to do basics but pawns his incompetence off as ART! Why not, isn't everybody in on this act of conspiracy."

"A sneaking pleasure that this media prince is blindsided by his narcissism."

"Compare to this, Adolph Hitler was an old master."

"Perfect example of the art-biz gang at work. Phony reviews, bought-out hagiography. End-of-the-world stuff, really."
  • Sam Axeyard
  • 03-09-10 00:22
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