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Long-term loans

Arranging for long-term loans of artworks – in Denmark and abroad – is a matter of great importance to the SMK. Long-term loans bring the artworks out into the world to places and people that may not otherwise have had the opportunity to enjoy them.

We assign particular priority to making long-term loans where the artworks in question are of special relevance to the place they will hang. We also prefer to make long-term loans where the artworks are placed in such a manner that they can be enjoyed by many people every day.

Can we get a long-term loan?

The following institutions/entities are eligible for long-term loans of artworks from the SMK:

  • The Danish Parliament (the presidium, party leaders, meeting rooms, and representational areas)
  • The Central Administration (ministers’ offices and front offices, chief of department offices, and meeting rooms that are representational in nature, e.g. Marienborg and embassies)
  • Legal courts
  • Churches and museums
  • Sponsors (in special cases)
  • The Royal Family

Guidelines for long-term loans

In order to take the best possible care of the artworks the following guidelines must be observed:

Before the work is put on display

  • We will consult with you to agree on where the artwork will be placed. We are always happy to help identify the best possible position for the artwork.
  • The artwork should be placed where no passersby are likely to accidentally bump into it. It should never be placed in corridors or other narrow or confined places.
  • The artwork should be positioned away from windows that are frequently opened.
  • The room must be a non-smoking room.
  • The room must be subject to as few variations in temperature as possible.
  • The artwork must be placed out of direct sunlight.
  • The wall must be of a material sufficiently strong to support the weight of the artwork.
  • The artwork must not be placed near air vents, sprinklers, radiators and similar sources of heat, nor near any cold or strong flows of air.
  • The artwork must not be placed near plants, doors, windows, conference tables, sofas, chairs, and electric installations.
  • If possible the artwork should ideally be protected by a security system, anti-theft alarms, and a fire alarm.
  • Transport of the artwork may only be carried out by a specialist art carrier who has been approved by the SMK and only when agreed with us. You will cover all costs associated with delivering and returning the artwork.
  • We will agree jointly on how to hang the artwork.

Subsequent handling

  • Always contact us if the artwork needs to be moved – e.g. in connection with refurbishment, construction work, spring cleaning, or simply if you wish to place the artwork somewhere else.
  • Never clean or wipe the artwork.
  • Never attach labels or similar to the artwork.
  • Any damage and any suspected changes to the artwork’s condition must be reported to the SMK without delay. Theft must also be immediately reported to the SMK.
  • The artwork must either fall within the scope of the rules on State-operated self-insurance or be insured by you against any eventuality.
  • All liability regarding the work’s condition is yours. You will have to pay for all costs associated with transport, conservation, etc. caused by damage arising during the long-term loan period.

We reserve the right to demand the return of the artwork if you should fail to comply with the guidelines above.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to assist you.

Long-term loan agreement

Before you can borrow any artworks you must enter into a long-term loan agreement with us.  The agreement is valid for five years. After this point you must renew your agreement if you wish to keep the artwork on loan.

While the work is on loan with you will receive a letter from us once a year. This letter will ask you to confirm that the information regarding the artwork’s location, condition, and administrative issues remains correct.

Costs for you

For each work you borrow you will pay all administrative and handling costs. The prize is currently 4.125 DKK.

Every year during the loan period you will pay the costs associated with us checking the artworks’ condition. The prize is currently 1.200 DKK.

You will also pay the costs of returning the artwork to the SMK when the agreement period ends.

We may require the artwork to be returned if it is needed for an exhibition. Wherever possible we will offer you another artwork as a replacement during the exhibition period.

For museums only

Museums must complete a facility report in order to qualify for a long-term loan. Download a facility report form at the bottom of this page.

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