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Borrow works of art for your exhibitions

What is required to borrow a work?

SMK loans artworks to exhibition venues and museums. We do not loan works to private individuals.

To borrow a work, send a written application including the following information:

  • Work title, artist, year, and inventory number
  • Exhibition dates
  • Exhibition concept
  • A description of the objectives behind the exhibition
  • A facility report (find it at the bottom of this page)
  • A floor plan indicating the types of security measures installed and their certification

We cannot begin processing your request until we have received all the documents and information indicated in the above.

Documents to assist you in the application process can be found at the bottom of this page.

Schedule – an overview of the loan process

  • We must have received your application six months prior to the official opening of the exhibition.
  • Up until two months prior to the opening you may still make changes to the number of works you wish to borrow and to how long the works will be on display.
  • Two months prior to the official opening of your exhibition we must have received the signed contract and be informed of when you need the artwork to be at your disposal. All costs for administration and for preparing the artwork must also have been paid at this point. You can receive the artwork 14 days prior to the opening date or later.
  • A month before the exhibition opens we must have received all insurance papers.
  • All agreements with carriers must be approved no later than 14 days before the artwork is due to be shipped.
  • The artwork(s) must be returned to the SMK no longer than 14 days after your exhibition closes.

Regarding transport of the artworks

All artworks must be conveyed in a climate-controlled vehicle where temperature and humidity levels can be controlled from the driver’s cabin. You will arrange transport in collaboration with a carrier that has been approved by us.

Your costs

No loan fees apply to Danish exhibition venues and museums when loaning works from the SMK. However, you may need to pay costs associated with preparing the works.

All museums and exhibition venues – Danish or otherwise – that borrow works of art from the SMK must pay all costs for insuring the artworks as well as all shipping costs. You will also need to cover the costs associated with any courier services required. This may include travel, hotel accommodation, and meals. Such costs are calculated in accordance with rates set by the Danish state.

Exhibition venues and museums from outside of Denmark will be required to pay the costs incurred by the SMK in connection with the loan. This includes administration costs associated with the loan, a professional assessment of the exhibition project, having a conservator inspect the artwork, and preparing a condition report.  

You may incur other costs in connection with a loan. All costs will be agreed upon before the loan agreement is signed.

Costs in the event of cancellation

If you should cancel a loan less than two months prior to the official opening of your exhibition you will still need to cover the SMK’s costs associated with the loan agreement.

If you cancel all loans the prize is 1.850 DKK plus 850 DKK for each cancelled artwork.

If you only cancel some of your scheduled loans you will only need to pay the prize for each cancelled artwork, which is 850 DKK.

Instructions for the application process:

Documents to be sent with the application:

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