With its 180 full-time and part-time members of staff the SMK is Denmark’s largest art museum and home to more than 700 years of art.

The members of staff work in seven different departments: Administration, Conservation, Director’s Office, Security and Maintenance, Education, Communication, and Collections and Research.


The department is responsible for HR work, accounting, finances, budgets, IT equipment, and recordkeeping.


The conservators monitor and conserve the artworks, restoring damage and preventing new damage.  The department carries out research on the genesis of artworks, on the artist’s choice of materials, and on how such materials change over time. The department also handles records, loans, and photography. The department is part of the CATS - Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation.

Director’s Office

The department has the overall responsibility for fundraising, for producing exhibitions, and for the overall management of the museum.'

Security and Maintenance

The department takes care of everyday operation and is responsible for security at the museum.


The department works with education and presentation activities associated with the art. This includes aspects such as exhibition texts, apps, films, and catalogues. The department is also in charge of visitor services and works with the museum’s young Art Pilots from the ulk Art Labs.


The department is in charge of external communication, including press materials, the museum’s website and social media, marketing, stage events, experience communication, sponsorship agreements, corporate partnerships, and events and location hire.

Collections and Research

The department conducts research based in the museum’s collections and present their results to the wider public in connection with exhibitions and publications. The department is also home to the Centre for Advanced Studies in Master Drawings.