To ansatte i gang med at hænge et af Vilhelm Hammershøis malerier opThe CollectionsSMK-Foto: Frida GregersenSamlings- og forskningschef Peter Nørgaard på sit kontorOne of the photografers at work. SMK-Foto: Frida Gregersen6SMK-Foto: Frida GregersenOne of the conservators working. SMK-Foto: Frida GregersenSMK-Foto: Frida GregersenSMK-Foto: Frida GregersenOne of the conservators working. SMK-Foto: Frida Gregersen


All our vacant positions including positions available for English-languaged candidates will be listed on the Danish version of this page.

If you wish to see the Danish version of this page, please switch languages by clicking "dansk" in the top right corner of this page.

Applications should be submitted through our e-recruitment system, cf. the procedure described below.

In case a position is available for English-languaged candidates the jobtitle on the joblist will be in English. You click on the jobtitle to see the jobdescription. If you wish to apply, please click "søg stillingen" (apply for position) in the bottom of the jobdescription window. Hereinafter fill in the required information and upload CV, motivated application and other relevant documents.

Please note that the National Gallery of Denmark does not take unsolicited applications into consideration.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Updated: 26.apr.2018
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