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Muse, Prince, Gorillaz, the National Gallery of Denmark… all at this year’s Roskilde Festival.

Denmark’s largest museum joins a cast of other cultural giants when the Roskilde Festival embarks on its warm-up on 27 June. This is the first time that the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) joins the festival. The museum will stage four art projects that interact with festivalgoers under the common headline PingOut With SMK.

The National Gallery of Denmark invites everyone to play along when the Gallery settles in among the giants at the Roskilde Festival. With help from the audiences, the Gallery will unfold four works by young Danish artists.

Ping Out with SMK
Three unique, pingout table-tennis balls – each weighing 700 kgs – have been treated by the artists Bank&Rau, J&K, and Christina Hamre, allowing festivalgoers to warm up for the big event by engaging in a bout of artistic play in the Expression area. The table-tennis tables have been processed so that the games taking part around the tables become something playful, something located in between the realms of performance and sculpture.

I Miss Sol Lewitt – 1,000 unique works of art circulating the festival
A total of 1,000 festivalgoers at this year’s Roskilde event will carry – and be – unique works of art thanks to sweatbands around their wrists. The artist Nikolaj Recke has created 1,000 works of art to be used by audience members at the Roskilde Festival. Sweatbands bearing the legend ”I Miss Sol Lewitt” will be worn by festivalgoers, who will wipe their sweat and tears on the cryptic text about missing the recently deceased US artist Sol Lewitt (1928-2007). Lewitt is famous for his minimalist and conceptual art which accentuates the absence of the artist in favour of the idea.  On the basis of art as ideas and as a means for reflecting reality in the here and now, the wearers of I Miss Sol Lewitt become a living, artistic reflection of the 2010 Roskilde Festival.
A total of 50 sweatbands will be offered as prizes in a competition held on the project’s facebook profile. Here, pictures showing the work of art featured on the arms of festivalgoers will also be uploaded.

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Time and place
Place: Expression agora
27 June – 30 June + 1 - 4 July

Participating artists
Christina Hamre (b. 1974), graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Received a work grant from Statens Kunstfond i 2009.
Read more about Christina Hamre

J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard)
Janne Schäfer (b. 1976) is a graduate from the Universät der Künste in Berlin and Kristine Agergaard (b. 1975) is a ) graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1999 they have worked together in the artists’ group J&K, working and exhibiting in Denmark and abroad. They live and work in Copenhagen and Berlin.
Read more about J&K

Bank&Rau (Tanja Rau and Lone Bank).
Lone Bank (f. 1970), graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Tanja Rau (b.1970) graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Read more about Bank&Rau

Nikolaj Recke
Nikolaj Starinsky von der Recke Beckmann (b. 1969). graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1989-95)
Read more about Nikolaj Recke

The project is supported by
Ping Out and Stiga

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