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New American Friends Organization formed to support the Danish National Gallery

The American Friends of Statens Museum for Kunst, Ltd. This is the name of the new organization being established in Washington D.C. The purpose of the organization is to support the Danish National Gallery with American assets and to promote the museum’s interests in the USA. Over the long term, the organization will also work to promote awareness of Danish art in the USA.

A circle of the American “friends” of the Danish National Gallery has founded the American Friends of Statens Museum for Kunst, Ltd. today (AFSMK). The organization is intended to raise financial support from American benefactors and funds and allocate these to selected projects for the benefit of the Danish National Gallery.  AFSMK will also actively contribute to the further development of the museum’s cooperation with stakeholders in the USA, which will e.g. promote the exchange of artwork loans between the Danish National Gallery and American museums and collectors. 
AFSMK is a nonprofit organization whose board independently decides what projects or activities proposed by the Danish National Gallery will receive support.

A word from the Vice Chairman of the Board
“I would like to congratulate the National Gallery of Denmark. This is an important initiative benefiting cultural exchange between Denmark and the USA. There are strong historical, political, and cultural bonds between the USA and Denmark. The American Friends of Statens Museum for Kunst will be able to help develop the exchange of works of art between the National Gallery of Denmark and many American museums. It is my hope that the organization will further the knowledge of Danish art in America and act as a gathering point for the many American collectors who have already had their eyes opened to what Danish art can offer,” says the Vice Chairman of the AFSMK Friis Arne Petersen.

Karsten Ohrt speaks
“We are unbelievably happy about this initiative and look forward to this cooperation with great anticipation. Despite the current financial crisis, the organization’s members have already received positive indications from people who wish to support the Danish National Gallery. On a professional level, the organization’s assistance also means that we can expand cooperation with our institutional counterparts in the USA.  It will undoubtedly also help promote the visibility of Danish art in the USA,” says Director of the National Gallery of Denmark, Karsten Ohrt.

Board of Directors
James C. Shehan, Chairman
Vice President of Legal, Government and Quality Affairs, Novo Nordisk Inc., Princeton, New Jersey.
Friis Arne Petersen, Vice Chairman
Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark, Washington.

Debra H. Norris
Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education & Chair, Art Conservation Department, University of Delaware.

Harlan Crow
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Crow Holdings, Dallas, Texas.

Bruce Lauritzen
Chairman of the First National Bank of Omaha.

Karsten Ohrt
Museum director, Danish National Gallery

Jørgen Wadum
Keeper of Conservation, Danish National Gallery

Kasper Monrad
Chief Curator, Danish National Gallery

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