Lindsay Seers. It has to be this way², 2009. Film still. © Lindsay Seers og Matt’s Gallery, London.

Exhibition | News about the art | 19.may.2010

NEW EXHIBITION. Lindsay Seers in x-rummet

A young woman looses her memory in a traffic accident; a year later she goes missing without trace. Artist Lindsay Seers is the stepsister of this woman - Christine Parkes. Seers retraces journeys made by her sister in an attempt to unravel the mystery of her disappearance. Wearing a soldier’s uniform dating from the Colonial era she travels to Ghana where she rolls back the story of her parents’ time as diamond smugglers in Western Africa as well as the post-colonial history of what was originally known as the Swedish and then Danish Gold Coast: Welcome to the video installation It has to be this way² at x-rummet at the National Gallery of Denmark.

Lindsay Seers
It has to be this way²
22 May – 26 September 2010

Psycho-geographic search for lost sister

It has to be this way² marks the continuation of the artist Lindsay Seer’s filmic, photographic, and psycho-geographic search for her lost half-sister Christine Parkes. Christine suffered amnesia after a scooter accident in Rome and subsequently disappeared. Now, Seers attempts to place herself in her sister’s shoes by following in her footsteps. She dives into their shared archive of photos and selects nine pictures based on a principle of chance. Those pictures determine the outline of her ongoing journey and structure the narrative of the work.

The Swedish/Danish Gold Coast at x-rummet
In the work, the story, set in the part of West Africa – originally known as the Swedish and the Danish Gold Coast (1650- 1755) – is rolled back in a mirroring of Seers’ own family history. Wearing a soldier’s uniform from the renaissance period with a camera built into the uniform cap, she restages and records several layers of history simultaneously. At x-rummet, a recreated colonial building constitutes the architectural framework for our experience of Seers’ universe.

Audiences become involved in her creative process, as the act of observing and understanding shifts through sliding points of view. In Seers’ work, no fixed significance is attached to photographs, films or texts. Her explorations constantly rewrite history and hold an endless potential for different outcomes, all of them inscribed in each other.

Book release
The exhibition coincides with the publication of the novella It Has To Be This Way² written by M. Anthony Penwill. Here, research notes, letters, journals and photographs give testimony to Christine Parkes’ story as shown in Lindsay Seers’ two most recent works It has to be this way 1 + 2. The publication is free to visitors throughout the exhibition. (ISBN 978-0-907623-70-0).

Lindsay Seers (b.1966) lives and works in London. Seers has attracted considerable attention internationally with her combination of video, photography, and performance. The exhibition at x-rummet marks the first presentation of Lindsay Seers’ work in Denmark.

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