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New research from Statens Museum for Kunst

Learn all about the latest research from Statens Museum for Kunst in the museum's annual art history journal. The latest issue covers Dutch drawings from the 1500s, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, the Rembrandt connoisseur Karl Madsen and the surrealist Rita Kernn-Larsen.

New knowledge
Statens Museum for Kunst is the largest art history research institution in Denmark. SMK Art Journal provides the latest information on the museum's research and the museum's continuous work with 700 years of art from its collections. As such the journal has become an important publishing source for Statens Museum for Kunst's internal and external researchers, who are not only interested in Danish art but also in foreign art in Denmark. The articles, all of which are assessed by fellow peers, are based on or are relevant to the museum's collections and cover the museum's collection and art history research. They also prove that it is possible to combine in-depth research on individual works of art with a choice of perspective that is of interest to an international audience.

About the articles
The latest issue of SMK Art Journal 2008-09 includes four in-depth articles written by Danish researchers:

Hanne Kolind Poulsen
Faith and visual communication in the Netherlands of the sixteenth century. On a drawing by Maarten van Heemskerck in the Royal Collection of Prints and Drawings.
Based around a cryptic drawing from The Collection of Prints and Drawings by Dutch artist Maarten van Heemskerck (1498-1574), this article debates belief and visual presentation strategy in the Netherlands of the 1500s. It begins by attributing the drawing to Heemskerck, given the doubts there have been as to the drawing's authenticity. The artwork is then framed by different aspects, which all bear relevance to understanding its contents and message.

Liza Burmeister Kaaring
Vilhelm Lundstrøm as clearsighted ironist. Presentation and interpretation of Lundstrøm’s painting, The Man Who Sees It All.
In 2008 Statens Museum for Kunst acquired one of Vilhelm Lundstrøm’s (1893-1950) most significant figure compositions from his so-called ‘crumpled period’, The Man Who Sees It All from 1919. The museum’s collection of Lundstrøm’s crumpled works consisted until then of three collages, a self-portrait, some graphics and some drawings in The Collection of Prints and Drawings, but was lacking any of his large figure compositions. The article takes a closer look at the newly acquired painting and at the period it comes from and poses the question: what really lies behind Lundstrøm’s brief crumpled period from 1919 to 1923?

Lene Bøgh Rønberg
Karl Madsen as Rembrandt connoisseur.
Based on the results of a newly completed Rembrandt research project at Statens Museum for Kunst, this article explores the former Museum Director Karl Madsen’s (1855-1938) work as a Rembrandt-connoisseur. This investigation highlights his expertise on Rembrandt with particular focus on his contribution to expanding Rembrandt’s known oeuvre. The motivation behind the article is partly to do him justice and partly to shed light on what actually happened when he attributed work to Rembrandt.

Jørgen Folmer
on voit – a birthday book from Rita Kernn-Larsen
The Collection of Prints and Drawings recently acquired a book containing nine original drawings by Rita Kernn-Larsen (1904-1998) – a significant acquisition that both puts the collection’s other works by the same artist into perspective, and that can be drawn upon in the context of discussing her surrealism. The article analyses the contents of on voit with the aim of determining whether the objective was simply to create a private picture and journal, or whether the drawings actually represent Rita Kernn-Larsen's artistic universe.

SMK Art Journal 2008-09
Editor and foreword: Peter Nørgaard Larsen
Articles by Hanne Kolind Poulsen, Liza Burmeister Kaaring,
Lene Bøgh Rønberg and Jørgen Folmer
136, richly illustrated.
Danish with English version
ISBN 978-87-92023-32-2
Price: DKK 98. Available in the museum’s bookshop.

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