Children playing in the pool in front of the museum.

| 19.jun.2018

Summer at SMK: Creativity, ice cream and quality time

Grab a glue gun, some brightly coloured modelling clay and man the picture press! This summer, we launch a new creative theme at the Children’s Workshop every week. You can also enjoy an ice cream in the Museum Garden or explore elaborate figures in our special exhibition Hieroglyphs – Symbolist Drawings 1890-1910

Get creative at the Children’s Workshop
Marvellous art books, sculpted flowers, painted portraits – or something else entirely. During the summer holidays, you can explore new themed activities every week at the Children’s Workshop. We begin in week 27 (on Tuesday 3 July) by making various kinds of prints, but if you miss out on that, don’t despair: next week’s theme will be every bit as fun.

Recommended age: +3 years
Dates: Tue–Sun from 3 July to 12 August, 11.30 – 16.30
Price: DKK 30 + standard museum admission fee

The SMK café, Kafeteria, is open all summer long, tempting you with delicious cakes, freshly baked bread and food made from high-quality ingredients. You can also cool down with an ice cream in the Museum Garden.

Kafeteria is located just inside the museum’s main entrance. No museum ticket required.  

Hieroglyphs – Symbolist Drawings 1890–1910
This summer’s special exhibition shows works from an era of Danish art where symbolism flourished and artists delved into matters of spirit, soul and form in their work. Witness dreams and visions taking shape as gnarly trees, closely entwined figures and pregnant women.

The special exhibition is open during the museum’s standard opening hours until 12 August
Price: Standard museum admission fees

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