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We are creating a new garden

In 2014 the Gallery and the City of Copenhagen will present an all-new garden.

in front of the museum. Construction is currently underway. You can still use the usual museum entrance, even though it may be covered in scaffolding at times.

New Museum Garden

"The SMK is Back in the Park" is one of the main headlines used when describing the new, more open garden currently being established outside the SMK. The new Museum Garden will open in the autumn of 2014.

A new green haven in Copenhagen

We have dreamed of a new garden in front of the museum for many years. Now, a generous donation from the Annie and Otto Johs. Detlefs' Foundations have made that dream come true: in the autumn of 2014 the SMK and the City of Copenhagen can jointly welcome all visitors to a new green haven in the heart of Copenhagen.

In the autumn of 2011 the architectural office Polyform, a rising star on the Danish architectural scene, won the design competition for the new museum garden. Working in co-operation with the Dutch architects Karres en brands, Polyform will make the green spaces of the Østre Anlæg park embrace the entire museum. What used to be a formal garden designed along Baroque lines will become a recreational park of grass-clad islands, large trees, and curved pathways – and will welcome all who happen to pass by.

The jury’s comments from the competition include the following description of the winning design: “The proposal merits special attention for its simple overall approach, which evinces a strong respect for and understanding of the links between the building, the park, and the city while creating a precise and compelling architectural whole that prompts the building to appear with its full authority.”

See the work progress

The details concerning the garden’s design and construction were determined in the autumn of 2012. A final project proposal was submitted for approval with the City of Copenhagen and the Danish conservation authorities. Their approvals was received in the spring of 2013. During spring and summer 2013 HOFOR will dug new piping into the ground. In August 2013 the construction of the new garden will begin. The completion date for the entire garden project is projected for the summer of 2014.

This page will feature regular update about the work on the Museum Garden. If you have any questions, e.g. about access to the museum during the construction period, you are very welcome to contact us.

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