Sorry about the mess

Construction work on the new museum entrance and new museum garden began in 2013.

Construction work is now well underway and will continue until the autumn of 2014 – and we look forward to welcoming you to an all-new garden and entrance. While work is being carried out you may, however, be inconvenienced by the mess and disturbance that any building project will unavoidably entail.  We do our best to minimise the disruptions. We particularly call your attention to the fact that entry to the museum will be affected in various ways until the autumn of 2014.

How does the construction work affect your visit?

The garden in front of the museum is undergoing a transformation, and this means that the road leading up to the museum has been moved. The red line on the map above show the route you should take to enter the museum. You can only use the entrance on Sølvgade. Follow the pathway leading up to the museum and use the left side of the stairs to enter.

Wheelchair access is provided by the lift/elevator to the left of the stairs leading to the main entrance.

If you have any queries about access to the museum, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visiting information

Visiting information

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Visiting with children

Pushchairs and prams

At present we cannot offer an area specifically dedicated to parking pushchairs and prams. Read about what you can do.

Handicap access

Parking for the disabled

The whole museum is accessible by wheelchair. Read practical information regarding handicap access.