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A thick yellowed varnish has been removed

The painting "Christ Driving the Money-lenders from the Temple” is now being restored in the Conservation Department here at the museum. The first step in the treatment was to thin a heavy timber construction that had been attached to the back of the panel during a previous treatment, which was restricting the original panel.

The next step was to remove a thick, yellowed varnish layer, which for decades had given the painting a dull, gloomy appearance. The varnish was made up of several layers that had been applied at different stages. The varnish was carefully removed with solvents and cotton swabs over a period of several months. The painting has now received a thin coat of new varnish, which has saturated the colours, and must now be retouched. There are areas where the original paint is missing, which can be seen in white in the photograph below, and retouching these will allow the painting to be seen as a whole once more.

The painting after cleaning, before retouching

Updated: 26.aug.2014
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