Projects at the Gallery

The restoration of a masterpiece

Read about the restoration and research of one of the most magnificent paintings in the Museum. The work began in September 2007 and ended in October 2008.

The restoration is now complete
During the conservation process, which took place in a public gallery of the museum and is now complete, conservators gave regular updates on the work's progress and their discoveries, via a dedicated blog.

Get under the surface of a masterpiece
Jacob Jordaens' The Tribute Money. Peter Finding the Silver Coin in the Mouth of the Fish, also called The Ferry Boat to Antwerp, dates from approximately 1623. Before this project, the painting was in need of being thoroughly studied, conserved and restored.

The artist Jacob Jordaens
In parallel with the conservators’ work, the museum also implemented an art historical research project on The Ferry Boat and the other works by Jacob Jordaens at the National Gallery of Denmark.

Prolonging the lifespan of the work of art
One of the museum's most important tasks is to preserve the art and extend the lives of artworks. However, not only do the museum’s conservators prevent and restore damage to the artworks, but they also work hard to ensure that every work of art is presented to today’s viewers in the best possible way.

Learn more about the project on the Leica Microsystems website, and in the Leica reSOLUTION newsletter, available in both English and German. Leica Microsystems sponsored the restoration of Jordaens' Ferry Boat.

The Getty Foundation

Conservation treatment and research was supported in part by the Getty Foundation. The project was also partly supported by Leica Microsystems A/S, Bang & Olufsen, Nederman Danmark and FORCE Technology.

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