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Buy Images of Artwork from SMK's Collection

Posters, post cards, billboards, books, etc. We sell high resolution images of artwork from SMK's collection for many purposes.

We make images for customized solutions as well. For instance in large format or a certain detail of an artwork. Everyone is welcome to buy images from us.

Read about digital images of public domain works for free here.

If you wish to order an image, you must fill out our order form and send it to us electronically. Information about name of the artist, title and inventary number which are to be used when filling out the order form, you will find by using the above search box.

You will find our order forms here:

Order form: 1-5 photographs

Order form: 1-10 photographs

Order form: 1-20 photographs

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When you use images from SMK, you must make sure to indicate:

- The name of the artist, the title and date of the work
- That the artwork is owned by the National Gallery of Denmark
- That the image has been taken by the SMK Photographers,  © SMK Photo/Jakob Skou-Hansen

If the artist has been deceased for more than 70 years, the copyright of the artwork has expired. If, however, the artist was alive within the last 70 years or is still alive, you must seek permission to use the reproduction of the work in question. VISDA administers the rights of reproduction for many Danis artists, and there are similar companies abroad. VISDA can arrange for contact to these sister companies.

Some artists administer their own rights, in which case you must make personal agreements with the individual artist. If you have questions about copyright, please take contact to VISDA:

Bryggervangen 8
2100 København Ø

Phone: +45 35 44 14 91

If you have special requests, you are most welcome to contact us and we shall do our best to comply with your demands.

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