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General rules about using the photographic material of the Museum

Conditions for private or study use without reproduction
The photographic material may only be used for the agreed purpose and may not be passed on to a third party without the written permission of the Museum.

Reproduction conditions
The photographic material may not be reused or passed on to a third party without the written permission of the Museum.

This permission only concerns the use of the photographic material for the above purpose and does not cover copyright, if any, held by the artist (or heirs). Please contact VISDA Billedkunst, Copenhagen (T +45 35 44 14 00, on this subject. If the artist's rights are handled by VISDA there will be a request to add to the credit line.

The reproduction may not be cropped, overprinted or enlarged without written permission by the holder of the copyright of the artwork or the Museum.

The artist's name, the title and date of the work, the fact that the work belongs to the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, and © SMK Foto/Jakob Skou-Hansen must be stated clearly in the publication.

Electronic storage of the material is only permitted for the period in which electronic handling in connection with the production is necessary, i.e. all digital versions of the Museum's works must be deleted immediately after use.

A copy of the publication in which the photograph is reproduced must be forwarded free to the Photographic Administration.

Special conditions for electronic publications (CD-ROM, internet)

The photographic material may only be presented in a resolution of 72 dpi or less.

The permission covers on-line publications for the duration of three years. Renewed permission must be applied for after this period.

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