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Photo: Frida Gregersen/SMK-Foto.


Donations and bequests have had an immeasurable importance to the collection of the art that the public experience at the museum today. Donations can be both gifts of money and works which the Museum wishes to acquire.

Through the years the museum has received donations from a large number of foundations and private donors. Many of the finest works and collections of the Museum have been realized through donations of individual works, whole collections and bequests which have enriched the total art treasure of the museum.

An example is the gift of the Rump Collection named after engineer Johannes Rump, who donated 16 pictures by Henri Matisse to SMK in 1928. This is the reason why one of the world’s largest and finest collections of works by Matisse can be enjoyed at the museum.

A gift to SMK is a gift to the future

When you support SMK, you help us to preserve and pass on the Danish cultural heritage – from the beginning of painting to tomorrow’s art. Your contribution will help preserve the knowledge of Danish and International world class art for current and future generations.

Updated: 26.apr.2018
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