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At SMK we have many years of experience in working with sponsorships that create value for the specific company. We greatly appreciate our sponsors and we always keep an open mind to suggestions and creative solutions which will benefit both parties.

Through the years we have cooperated with a large number of companies and enterprises. Together we have created even better museum experiences for our museum guests, and at the same time our sponsors have had the opportunity to strengthen the awareness of their brand.

Become a sponsor

As an SMK sponsor the opportunity to strengthen your organization’s profile in a professional and unique way is present. A sponsorship gives you the chance to use the facilities and services of the museum in a way that is custom-made to fit the needs and wants of your company.

If you have any questions or are interested in hearing more about your options to become an SMK sponsor, please contact:

Sibbe Aggergaard
Director, Fundraising, MA Art History
T: 25 77 60 05

Do you have any questions regarding corporate events and rental of the museum’s select surroundings, please contact our event coordinators.

Updated: 26.apr.2018
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