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American Friendship Society

SMK’s American friendship society is called AFSMK (American Friends of SMK), and it aims to strengthen the relationship between the museum and its American audience.

AFSMK is a Danish-American charity organization, founded in 2009 with a view to strengthen the relationship between the museum and its American audience and friends. The purpose of AFSMK is to guarantee and present charitable, scientific and educational activities for the benefit of the museum and its users. AFSMK is approved under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Contribute to AFSMK
When you support AFSMK, you automatically help preserve and pass on Danish cultural heritage – to present and future generations. If you wish to make a contribution, you have several options. You can donate by check, make a bank transfer or donate online at Donate now.

If you are a U.S. citizen, your donations to AFSMK are tax-deductible.

To maintain the deductible status of donations U.S. tax law requires that AFSMK's Board of Directors retain control and discretion concerning gifts to SMK. Although gifts to AFSMK must therefore be without restrictive conditions, AFSMK's Board of directors will as a matter of course consider the preferences of donors – regarding wishes that the funds be spent in specific ways for the benefit of SMK.

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Contact the AFSMK office if you have any questions:

American Friends of SMK
275 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Phone: +11 212-812-4362
Contact: Emily Grand, Administrator

Phone: +1 917 930 4443
Contact: Hanne Støvring, Executive Director

The AFSMK would like to thank our generous donors and friends:

The Ahmanson Charitable Community Trust
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Henning Larsen Architects
The Jamil Collection
Møbeltransport Danmark
Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond af 1968
Novo Nordisk
OAK Foundation
Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation
SAS Cargo
Tauck Ritzau Innovative Philanthropy Inc
Valhal Corp.

Aaron Angert
Alicia Kærskov
Amanda Vo
Anders Kristian Jørgensen
Anders Schrøder
Andrea Kahn
Ane Smith
Anette Poulsen
Anna Lange
Anna Marie Carstens
Anonym donor
Arthur Zegelbone
Barbara I Gongini
Bea Søegaard Danielsen
Bent Olrik
Bettina Schriver Gochman
Birgit Brun Coffman
Birgit Rømer
Birgitte Noel
Birte Støvring
Britta Toftum
Bruce Lauritzen
Carl Haxthausen
Cathleen London
Cathrin Johansen
Christian Ditlev Bruun
Christine Friedman
David Hess
Debra H. Norris
Dorthe Rørbye Jespersen
Dorthe Thersholt
The Honorable Edward E. Elson
Eleanor Solo
Elisabeth Stapen
Else Grotrian
Emily Grand
Erik Bolvinkel
Erik Gulmann
Eva Jespersen
Flemming Heilmann
Flemming Larsson
Francis Greenburger
Frank Sode Jensen
Fritz Knipschildt
Gabriel Milev
Glenn Jensen
Hanne Hochheim
Hanne Støvring
Hans Morris
Hans Ole Jochumsen
Harlan Crow
Harry Lewis
Hasse Nørgaard
Heather Thomas
Helene Lundbye Petersen
Helene Thorup Hayes
Henrik Dencker
Henrik Thersholt
Henrik Ørsted
Ilya Katsnelson
James Moore
James C. Shehan
Janet & Jim Crowle
Janni Kjær Sørensen
Jeanett Knipschildt
Jeffrey C Laurence
Jens Ole Rømer
Jesper Macdonald
Jette Kolter
Jim Shehan
Johanna Imhof
John E Oden
The Honorable John L. Loeb, Jr.
Josefine Poulsen
Jørgen Wadum
Karin Sander
Kasper Monrad
Katarina Mansson
Kim Qvistorff
Kimberly Hendler
Kirsten Kane
Kirsten MacDonald
Kirsten Wildfang
Kong Guan Ho
Lars Ulfkjær
Leigh Husch
Lena Beck Rørvig
Lisbeth Damkjær
Lise Duusgaard Stokholm
Lowell Kramme
Malene Albrektsen
Malene Rørdam
Malou Poulsen
Marc Troels Smith
Marianne T. Stecher
Marianne Halvorsen
Marianne Haugaard
Martin Larsen
Martin Kaplan
Martin Rømer
Margit Sode Jensen
Merete Nielsen
Mette Svane
Mik Strøyberg
Mikkel Bogh
Naja Christensen
Nanna Rømer
Nicole Bjerler
Nikolai Hermann
Ove Haxthausen
Per and Hoang-My Christensen
Pernille Corydon
Peter Flinch
Rene Gross Kærskov
Sandy Ginsberg
Sarah Camp
Sergio Llorian
Sonja Daugaard
Sonny Schneider
Stina Nørgaard
Sue Kwon
Susan Mathisen
Susanne Sigenlaub
The Consulate General of Denmark in New York
The Royal Danish Embassy, Washington, DC
Teresa Lai
Therese Oliver
Tina Jelert
Troels Christensen
Wendy Tarlow Kaplan

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