Proper conduct when using the SMK's Public Domain works

Give credit where credit is due

Please include credits for the artist when using a Public Domain work. Please also credit Statens Museum for Kunst, which made the image available to you. The more you credit the SMK, the more you will encourage other museums to make their public domain images available online.

Protect the reputation of the artist and museum
If you modify a Public Domain work, do not credit the artist or museum for the changes you make. The artist’s or museum’s name and logo should not be used to validate the modified work or any use of such work without the artist's or the museum's approval.

Show respect for the original work

Please do not use the work in ways that are illegal or misleading.  If you modify and re-publish a Public Domain work you should clearly indicate that you have made changes to the original. Please include a note stating that you have made adjustments to the original image so that other users know who have made those changes.

Share knowledge
If you use a Public Domain work to create new works, or if you have information about a Public Domain work – e.g. where it is from, who made it, or what it is about – we urge you to share your knowledge. You can do so by tagging, annotating, or commenting on Public Domain works published on the Internet, and submitting this information to the institution(s) that own the original works.

Be culturally aware
If the work contains culturally sensitive elements, we urge you to be considerate and show discretion in your choices; please be aware of whether your adjustments or usage of such elements may be offensive to other people or cultural communities. 

Preserve public domain marks and notices
We request all users of public domain works to never remove public domain marks or notices applied to the work, and to never state misleading information about the copyright status of the work.

These guidelines are derived from
The Europeana Usage Guidelines for public domain works
The guidelines are based on goodwill. They are not legally binding, but we urge you to please respect them.



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