Art Stories is produced with support form Nordea-fonen as part of the programme SMK Digital.

Concept, development, editorial work and production at SMK: Annette Rosenvold Hvidt, Liza Burmeister Kaaring and Merete Sanderhoff.

Picture editing: Sofie Regitze Kattrup, SMK.

Photos: Works from SMK are photographed by SMK Photo. As for all other works, the photographer is mentioned in the credit line. If we in any way have violated copyrights, this has been unintentional, in which case we kindly ask you to contact us.

The portrait videos are produced by the editorial staff and by Mathilde Schytz Marvit, SMK, in collaboration with Fabulab and Henric Wallmark.

Design, concept development and programming: Oncotype.

Programming in TYPO3: MOC Systems.

The music in Art Stories has been selected in collaboration with and kindly put at our disposal by Naxos Records and Dacapo Records.