Albert Mertz (1920-90), Anamorphoses, 1979-84

© Albert Mertz (1920-90), Anamorphoses, 1979-84.

Throughout his entire artistic career, Albert Mertz consistently worked with the colours red and blue and with a range of motifs restricted to geometric shapes in countless combinations. With these basic colours and elementary shapes he wished to establish new preconditions for the creation and appreciation of works of art.

Series: 30 cardboard figures
The anamorphoses consist of a series of 30 cardboard figures which Mertz created during the period 1979 to 1984. This series excellently typifies his endeavours to create a vein of painting that not only balances form and colour, but one which – through its very use of form and colour – also takes on the nature of an object. The painted cardboard cut-outs act as a kind of alphabet of the forms used in his body of work. The individual figures change and shift depending on the angle from which they are seen.

Depending on the eyes that see
Anamorphosis is a Greek-Latin work designating a picture that has been drawn distorted, but which suddenly appears undistorted when seen from the right (often oblique) angle. However, Mertz’s works do not dictate any "correct" angle of approach, quite the contrary: the artist is interested in the very fact that images and objects are ever changeable depending on the eyes that see.

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