Allaert van Everdingen (1621-75), Norwegian Scenery, after 1644

Allaert van Everdingen (1621-75), Norwegian Scenery, after 1644. Oil on canvas. 219 x 193 cm. KMSsp512
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In a small, flat area between vertical rocks and a waterfall, two artists are sketching the magnificent scenery in front of them. Accentuating their industriousness, another man sits idly on a large rock, looking towards them. With these hard-working artists Everdingen focuses attention on one of the key issues in art at the time: painting “after the life” (”naer het leven”).

A deeper understanding
In addition to recording the outward appearance of nature, this aesthetic practice also requires the artist to understand the world through what he sees. The artist wished to arrive at a deeper understanding of the nature and specific sceneries he observed. The painting belongs among Everdingen’s Nordic landscapes, which became a speciality of his after travelling in Sweden and Norway in 1644–45.

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