André Derain (1880-1954), The Two Sisters, 1914

André Derain (1880-1954), The Two Sisters, 1914.

© André Derain (1880-1954), The Two Sisters, 1914.

Two women, possibly the artist’s wife Alice and her sister Suzanne, have been chiselled into the picture like statues.

The monumental canvas, the simplicity of the figures, and the grey palette evoke thoughts of art from earlier eras.

The inspiration for the painting

The painting is based on inspiration from medieval art, French classicist painting, and African masks and sculptures, all united here in a hitherto unseen synthesis.

A high point in Derain's production

The years 1912-14 constitute a high point in Derain’s production. He had left behind his experimentation and frequent changes of style, orienting himself towards art history instead.

In 1910 Derain also moved away from Montmarte and closer to the Latin Quarter, seat of Paris’ intellectual scene.

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