Astrid Noack (1888-1954): Standing Female Nude, 1944

© Astrid Noack (1888-1954), Standing Female Nude, 1944.

In spite of World War II, Astrid Noack kept her faith in humanity. Like other artists of her day she was a firm believer in Communism and did not surrender her hopes for peace and fellowship.

The sculptures' ideological convictions
In her sculptures, her convictions were expressed in human figures that show great dignity and openness to the world. Standing Female Nude is an upright figure. She has a serene posture, one leg slightly bent, her arms at rest alongside her body, but her chest and face are lifted as if drawing deep breaths. Tense, yet calm.

The Egyptian and archaic Greek culture
Noack’s idiom has a monumental frontality influenced by inspiration from Egyptian and archaic Greek culture. Mass is crucial. Movement is only suggested through small shifts in the lines. A bended knee and a hand clutching a loose cloth is enough to breathe life into the sculpture.

The sheep as inspiration

Astrid Noack worked from the core outwards to the vibrant surface. She herself mentioned sheep as an important source of inspiration. Just by seeing the wool on the sheep we sense the heat of its body and get an impression of the animal’s weight. In other words: the shape does not come from without; it must be cultivated from within.

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