Erik August Frandsen (1957-), Home, 1992

© Erik August Frandsen (1957-), Home, 1992.

In 1992, Home was exhibited at the prestigious Documenta exhibition, a recurring event hosted in Kassel, Germany, every five years, sounding out the latest trends within international contemporary art. The work consists of eight almost identical drawings of the same nude girl. The drawings, executed in black charcoal, have subsequently had butter applied to them and been fitted with bands of neon tubes.

Surprising materials and objects
Since the 1980s, Erik A. Frandsen has incorporated surprising materials and objects in his oils and drawings, often combining conventional painting with photography and neon reliefs. In Frandsen’s pictures, the materials take on an ambiguous, symbolic function that enters into an almost alchemical connection with the scene depicted.

A male gaze on a woman
The pubescent girl character is mercilessly cut through and lit by the bright neon tubes, and the butter imposes a strange, greasy film over the body and its emergent identity as a gendered being. Frandsen’s works always revolve around themes such as woman, sexuality, the intimate bodily space, and he problematises desire and the relationship between the sexes. Here, he himself is indirectly present as a male gaze on a barely adult woman – both caring and transgressing in his interest.

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