Frans Jansz. Post (1612-80), Landscape in Brazil with Sugar Plantation, 1660

Frans Jansz. Post (1612-80), Landscape in Brazil with Sugar Plantation, 1660. Oil on canvas. 87 x 113 cm. KMSsp491.
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Pineapple cacti, watermelons and coconut palms are some of the plants featured in the flora seen in the foreground here. The middle distance offers a view into the sugar factory, manned by slaves. We can trace the production process right from the harvested sugar canes to the finished sugar being packed into large crates, ready to be shipped to Europe.

Eight years in Brazil
Frans Post was one of the first landscape painters to paint in the New World. All of his paintings and drawings show scenes from Dutch Brazil. When Johan Maurits, Count of Nassau-Siegen, arrived in Dutch Brazil as governor, Frans Post was among the artists who joined him in order to depict the natives and the local flora and fauna. Post must have drawn a multitude of sketches that he would later use as the basis for the many paintings he created after his return in 1644.

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