Georg Hainz (1630-1700), Kunstkammer Cabinet with Ivory Goblet, 1665-67

Georg Hainz (1630-1700), Kunstkammer Cabinet with Ivory Goblet, 1665-1667. Oil on canvas. 83.5 x 61 cm. KMSsp768.
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This painting addresses the Kunstkammer cabinet as a concept, offering a glimpse into an open cabinet filled with completely realistic depictions of precious collectibles such as crystal glasses, an ivory goblet, coral jewellery and miniatures. Nature’s own marvels are also represented here in the form of pearls and a snail-like nautilus shell.

Realistic illusions
Georg Hainz specialised in painting such trompe l'oeil cabinets. The visual illusionism of Georg Hainz's not only resides in its perfect realism, but also in the fact that the sides of the cabinet coincide with the picture frame, giving the impression that we stand before a real cabinet.

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