Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1691-1765), Interior of the Pantheon, Rome, acquired 1952

Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1691-1765), Interior of the Pantheon, Rome, acquired 1952. Oil on canvas. 140 x 125,5 cm. KMS4594
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The Pantheon motif was in great demand, and Giovanni Paolo Pannini had to paint several variants of the subject to satisfy his clients. Shortly before his death, the subject was used for a print engraved by I.S. Müller and published by I. Boydell in London.

Popular souvenir
The fact that a London printer disseminated this popular motif is no coincidence, for the English upper classes were among the keenest customers for Pannini’s paintings of Roman architecture. English travellers on their Grand Tour wanted to bring home souvenirs from this rite of passage.

Manipulated perspective
Pannini has manipulated his perspective and placed two columns in the foreground in order to prompt the spectator’s breathless admiration at the ancient building’s overwhelming grandeur.

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