Joachim Koester (1962-), Pit Music, 1996

© Joachim Koester (1962-), Pit Music, 1996.

The installation Pit Music consists of a video projection and a stage-like platform built in the space in front of the projection wall. The projected video images show a string quartet playing a piece by Shostakovich to an audience. The quartet is placed in a kind of orchestra pit, whereas the audience is placed on a platform that runs the entire length of the room.

Displacement of time, picture and sound
The concert has been filmed from different angles, and the images jump back and forth between the musicians and the audience. In addition to this, some sequences are screened in slow motion. By contrast, the audio track remains constant, letting us listen to the complete piece without interruptions. In this way Joachim Koester establishes a displacement between picture and sound, and, on a more general level, between the “real” time retained by the music and a “non-real” time represented by the disrupted and prolonged time presented by the video images.

A spatial displacement
The work also involves a spatial displacement. In fact the installation setting in which the video projection is screened is a reconstruction of the room that the concert was originally performed in. This is to say that spectators stand on the installation platform while looking at footage of people standing on the same platform, watching the concert as it took place and while the film was shot.

In his work with installation art, photography, and video art, Joachim Koester has shown great interest in displacements between reality and representations of reality.

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