Lars Nørgård (1956- ), The Three Graces, 1985

Lars Nørgård (1956- ), The Three Graces, 1985.

© Lars Nørgård (1956- ), The Three Graces, 1985.

In the mid-1980s Nørgård created portraits of members of the art scene of which he was part.

In some cases the portraits became allegorical images where contemporary figures were depicted in accurate caricatures and inserted into narratives with an ironic and humorous twist.

The persons in the painting

Here we see the Three Graces, mythological goddesses of elegance and joy, in the form of the sculptor Lone Høyer Hansen, scenographer Bente Lykke Møller, who was Nørgård’s girlfriend at the time, and the painter Dorthe Dahlin. The naked women are being ogled by a row of male artists: Top: Erik A. Frandsen, Peter Bonde, and Lars Nørgård. Bottom: Christian Lemmerz, Michael Kvium and Claus Carstensen.

Expressive style

The painting is executed in an expressive style deliberately aimed at the more theoretical and conceptual aspects of “Wild” painting.

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