Marcus Tuscher (1705-51), A Family Group on a Terrace in the Grounds of a Villa. Possibly the English Businessman George Jackson and his Family, 1737

© Marcus Tuscher (1705-51), Familiegruppe på en terrasse ved en villa. Muligvis den engelske forretningsmand George Jackson med sin familie, 1737. Olie på lærred. 140 x 223.5 cm. KMS7116.
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In all likelihood the people being waited upon here are the British consul in Livorno, George Jackson (1692–1763) and his family. Jackson is shown holding a book. He is not presented as a government official serving the mercantile interests of his country, but rather as a fervent bibliophile – another aspect of his personality: he collected manuscripts and rare books. His wife and three daughters may be presented as Flora, goddess of flowers, and her little aides.

A personal quality stamp
The artist has signed his work with the inscription MARCVS TVSCHER NORICVS.FACIEBAT.LIBURNI. MDCCXXXVII (Marcus Tuscher of Nuremburg painted this in Livorno 1737). With this detailed inscription Tuscher not only lets us know where and when the painting was painted, but also that he is a learned artist himself.

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