Peter Bonde (1958-), Untitled, 1995-97

© Peter Bonde (1958-), Untitled, 1995-97.

Peter Bonde contributed works to the exhibition Kniven på hovedet shown at the exhibition venue Tranegården in Gentofte in 1982. The exhibition not only ushered in a new generation of artists within the art scene, it also heralded a revival of figurative painting.

The Young Savages
Soon known as ”De unge vilde” (The Young Savages or The Wild Young Ones), these artists painted themselves out of a rebellion against the minimalist and conceptual art of the 1970s and into a renewed faith in creativity and the picture. Like their European contemporaries, this new generation of artists formulated a belief in free expression and the validity of all things in relation to painting. In principle, everything could be used: from personal experiences to historical or mythological scenes, the scenographies of the unconscious, etc. Similarly, the stylistic features of all periods from art history could be activated, changed, and combined according to the artist’s needs.

An expressive vein of painting

Since that time, Peter Bonde has continued his work with an expressive vein of painting. He has increasingly linked painting with objects, photographs, and text. Individual paintings rarely stand alone; they are part of a series, as is the case here, linked with art history, or with popular culture in a dynamic relationship that is both restless and precise. 

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