Peter Land (1966-), Untitled (sitting man with dots on blue carpet), 2003

© Peter Land (1966-), Untitled (Sitting man with dots on blue carpet), 2003.

Maladjustment, a sense of being lost, and loss of control are themes that Peter Land has always addressed in his works. Now he has turned his hand to sculpture, still using himself as the point of departure as in his photographs and videos.

The artist himself as point of departure
The sculpture’s face is a fibreglass cast of the artist’s own face that he has painstakingly painted to resemble the original. Similarly, the figure’s body is also based on the artist’s own physique – with the exception, of course, of the several metres long spaghetti-like arms and legs that flop helplessly and paralysed on the floor. Dressed in pyjamas, this lonely and melancholy figure reminds one of Nemo and other children’s universes that focus on the duality of dreams as a both fantastic and terrifying state. The overlong limbs also become a tragic-comical symbol of a state of a lack of control that characterises sleep.

An investigation of traditional male roles
Peter Land uses himself and these references in a self-ironic and critical investigation of traditional male roles and how they crumble in scenarios of loneliness, humiliation and defeat. In a humorous fashion, he insists on clumsiness and loss of control as part of the human condition in an increasingly streamlined and perfectionist modern existence.

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