Pieter Wouwerman (1623-82), View of Paris seen from the Place Dauphine, acquired 1696

Pieter Wouwerman (1623-82), View of Paris seen from the Place Dauphine, acquired 1696. Oil on canvas. 114.5 x 155 cm. KMSsp504.
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The crowds in this painting include street entertainers, noblemen and beggars jostling each other; to the far right we even see someone emerging after a swim in the river. We are in Place Dauphine on the island Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, looking out towards Pont Neuf. The river is of course the Seine, flowing around the island.

An accurate perspective
Pont Neuf – “the new bridge” – was commissioned by the king of France, Henri IV, and officially opened in 1607. Pieter Wouwerman painted his view of the scene after a print by Stefano della Bella: La Perspective de Pont Neuf. Perhaps the accurate rendition of perspective was the feature that merited the painting’s inclusion in the first room of the Royal Danish Kunstkammer.

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