Thomas Bang (1938-), Three Bag Hang - One Bag Lie, 1968

© Thomas Bang (1938-), Three Bag Hang - One Bag Lie, 1968.

During the late 1960s, Thomas Bang abandoned painting and a promising career as a painter in favour of sculpture.

Thomas Bang lived in the USA, and at the time US sculptors explored the opportunities for expanding the traditional concept of sculpture.

The US sculptors
First and foremost, they ventured into new materials to replace classic marble and bronze, but they also experimented with new, often divided, ways of organising the sculpture’s mass. This not only opened up the sculpture, it also brought it down from its pedestal and out into the space it shares with the spectators.

The relationship between the wall and the floor
Thomas Bang has a special interest in the relationship between the wall and the floor. Indeed, this sculpture specifically points to the meeting of the two surfaces, establishing a spatial dimension as they meet.

The potential of individual materials

Thomas Bang has a distinctive sense for the special aesthetic and physical potential of individual materials. In this case, he works with the unmitigated materiality of the net-covered foam rubber, the coarse rope, and the painted stick, but he also works very deliberately with the mental and pictorial associations that the materials evoke.

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