Tonny Hørning (1941-), Ritual II, 1999

© Tonny Hørning (1941-), Ritual II, 1999.

Ritual II comprises a number of sculptural elements that combine to create a space with a unique atmosphere.

Only black and white
Tonny Hørning works exclusively with the colours black and white, and all his objects and wall pictures have a granulated, relieflike surface created by applying alkyd enamel by means of a special technique. The paint structure and pattern is the result of a carefully controlled process and of an unpredictable organic chaos.

The spaces created by Hørning
The same can be said about the spaces created by Hørning. On the one hand they are stringent and consistent, and on the other they are fantasising and hysterical. At first glance, the rooms and their various sculptural elements refer to recognisable interiors and functional objects, e.g. church interiors, altars, wall tablets, draperies, and furniture. Despite these obvious references, however, the room and its specific
function cannot be identified.

The room resists any unambiguous interpretation, acting instead as a general metaphor for the actions which, through strict rules and repetition, take on a symbolic significance that reaches beyond the action itself. In other words, Tonny Hørning’s work becomes the backdrop of a possible, unidentified ritual.

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