SMK holds a central position within art history research in Denmark and helps place Danish art within an international perspective.

As Denmark’s premier museum of art and as a research institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture, SMK has a special obligation to promote and conduct wide-ranging research on Danish and international art.

Research forms the foundation of many crucial parts of SMK's day-to-day practice, and none of the core tasks of the museum can be carried out properly without research.

Based on the collections

The research at SMK is presented to the general public through activities such as exhibitions, publications, art acquisitions, and new displays of the permanent collections. Individual research projects differ greatly in nature and scope. For example, priority is also given to areas within Danish art history that may not be high-profile, but are important nevertheless. All projects share one common trait: They are relevant to – and take their point of departure in – the collections of the museum.

SMK is the only Danish art museum to fall under the scope of the Danish Act on research at archives, libraries, and museums.

The Museum and Art in the Information Age

Museums and Art in the Information Age


Ongoing research project

Explore the digital art magazine Perspective that delves into art and museology with Danish museum practice as its starting point. 

Research strategy

Research strategy

Read about the research strategy of SMK.

Research projects

Research projects

Find a wide selection of subjects from the history of the Nordic avant-garde to Venetian drawings and Tizian's portraits.