Conferences and workshops

The SMK regularly hosts conferences, seminars, and workshops that take their point of departure in current research projects.

At the SMK you can take part in academic events that reflect the wide scope of the museum’s research and related activities. A broad range of subjects are covered: From art history to topics within the fields of conservation, learning & interpretation, and communication; all have relevance to SMK or Danish art historical research in a broader sense.

Activities are announced via museum and research networks and fora, while activities open to the public are listed on this web page under News and Calendar.

Museums and immaterial art

Museums and Immaterial Art

Symposium held at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on Friday 8th September 2017

The DREAM consortium

Read about Museum Communication: Practices and perspectives held in 2015 in partnership with SMK.

Previous seminars and conferences

Previous conferences

Find information about previous events organized by SMK, such as the DREAM seminars or the symposium on museum climate.