Centre for Advanced Studies in Master Drawings

CASMD’s primary objective is to explore, develop and publish the museum’s large collection of drawings by foreign artists.

Circa 8,000 drawings by foreign artists from earlier periods are held in the collections of SMK. A considerable number of these artworks are still unknown to international researchers and to the public as such.

Besides the endeavour to determine the time of execution, attribution and purpose of the drawings under examination, great effort is put into understanding these artworks in a wider context.

Worldwide, graphic art from earlier periods is the object of intensive research, and the provenance of drawings is a research area in particular growth. The results are usually published in catalogue raisonnées.

The establishment of CASMD has brought SMK to the forefront of this international field of research, and extensive exchanges of knowledge are maintained between the Centre and other institutions.

One of CASMD's missions is to ensure that expertise is transferred to upcoming generations, in order to secure that specialists on this particular subject will continue to have a strong footing in Denmark.

The staff of CASMD contributes to various exhibitions and produces articles for scientific periodicals and exhibition catalogues in Denmark and abroad. Regularly, the Centre is represented at international conferences and also organizes such conferences.

Via Chris Fischer CASMD partakes in various professional networks such as the Curatorial Advisory Board of the periodical Master Drawings, and in peer-review-committees, for example for the Burlington Magazine.

Seven Catologue Raissonées have been published within the framework of the Centre, and a catalogue of Venetian drawings is underway.

Chris Fischer


Head of CASMD
Chris Fischer
M chris.fischer_@_smk.dk
T +45 2552 7212

Research projects

Research projects

Delve into a wide selection of subjects, ranging from the history of the Nordic avant-garde movement to Venetian drawings.

Contributions to exhibitions and publications


CASMD is involved in various Danish and international research activities.

See an overview of contributions by the Centre to eg. exhibition catalogues and scientific journals.