Centre for Advanced Studies in Master Drawings

Centre for Advanced Studies in Master Drawings

In 2002, the National Gallery of Denmark established the Centre for Advanced Studies in Master Drawings (CASMD), which from 2003-2006 has received DKK 1 million annually in financial support from the Velux Fund. From 2002 to 2006, the Ministry of Culture granted DKK 700,000 annually, and for the period 2006-2010, they have allocated DKK 600,000 annually. The museum currently contributes DKK 50,000 from its own operating resources.


CASMD’s primary objective is to explore, develop and publish the museum’s large collection of drawings by foreign artists and at the same time work to instil graduates with skills relevant to positions involving collections of art works on paper.

The collection, which was probably founded in the early 16th century, encompasses approximately 60,000 drawings and ca.170.000 graphic leaves, and as such is by far the largest art collection in Denmark. About 8,000 drawings are the work of foreign artist from earlier periods. They are therefore a focal point of CASMD’s efforts.

Around the world, intensive research is currently underway in graphic arts from earlier periods, and the results of this research are usually published in catalogue raisonnée format. The establishment of CASMD has brought the museum to the forefront of this international research effort, and an intensive exchange of knowledge is maintained between the Centre and other institutions. As part of the latest international evaluation of the research at the National Gallery of Denmark (concluded in the Spring of 2008), a high degree of recognition and respect has been expressed for the work carried out at CASMD, and the panel is encouraging the museum to ensure that the important work of the research centre is advanced over the coming years.

As mentioned, CASMD's mission is also to ensure that our expertise is transferred to upcoming generations so that specialists in the field will continue to have a strong footing in Denmark.

Summary of Completed Work

Until now, six catalogue raisonnée publications have been released, containing 1,150 illustrations. (Two of these were published prior to the official establishment of the Centre, but their concept is the same, and they were therefore included in the collective statement). A catalogue of the collection’s nearly 225 Roman drawings is expected to be published in the spring of 2010 and a catalogue of the collection’s nearly 200 Venetian drawings is in preparation. In addition, the Centre’s employees have arranged exhibitions, written articles for trade journals and exhibition catalogues both in Denmark and abroad, held lectures, participated in international conferences and been represented in various professional networks. In addition, Chris Fischer has taught at Copenhagen University and been a guest professor at the Courtauld Institute in London, an examiner and special counsellor at Danish and foreign universities and currently works as a consultant in the preparation of similar catalogues abroad. He is also a member of the Curatorial Advisory Board for the journal Master Drawings and a peer reviewer in several trade publications.

The Work Done

Six Catologue Raissonée has been published conserning 1150 drawings (two of the catalogues were published before the opening of the Centre, but the concept is the same, and therefore they are included). In the fall of 2010 a catalogue raissonée of the approximately 225 Roman drawings is due to be published, and a catologue of the almost 200 Venetian drawings is in progress.

The head of the Centre, Dr. Chris Fischer has been Guels lecturer at The Courtauld Institute, London, and he is a member of the Curatorial Advisory Board of the periodical Master Drawings

Publication List


Michael Bøgh Rasmussen, German Drawings before 1540, Cph. 2000;

Chris Fischer, Central Italian Drawings, Kbh. 2001;

Jan Würtz Frandsen, French Drawings and Watercolours 19th-20th Centuries, Cph. 2002;

Mary Newcome Schleier, with an Essay by Jens Heinet Knudsen; Genoese Drawings, Cph. 2004;

Chris Fischer and Joachim Meyer, Neapolitan Drawings, Cph. 2006;

David Bindman, with an Essay by Chris Fischer, British Drawings before 1900, Cph. 2008.



Jette Kjærboe, „Carl Friederich von Rumohr und Dänemark“, Nordelbingen 2003.


Exhibitions at The National Gallery of Art, Denmark

Central Italian Drawings, 2002

Neapolitan Drawings, 2006

Exhibitions Abroard

Jan Würtz Frandsen with a Foreword by Allis Helleland and Chris Fischer: Drawn Toward the Avant-Garde. Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century French Drawings from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. The Frick Art and Historical Center, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Museum of Fine Arts, St Petersburg, Florida; Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas 2002-2003.

Collaboration on Exhibitions Abroard

Ritorno al Barocco, Museo di Capodimonte ect., Napoli 2009-10

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