The digital journal Perspective gives you easy access to new results from the latest studies within Danish art history. 

Learn about open-air painting in the Golden Age of Danish art, gain insight into technical art history and discussions about originality, or read 
Flaskepost til Systembolaget about the ideas and projects of Knud Pedersen in the 1970s.

Perspective presents new studies based on the collections and activities of Danish museums. 

Demands for greater visibility
The Danish Ministry of Culture’s research strategy and the Museum Act have introduced new requirements relating to Danish museum scholars and the publication of their studies in peer-reviewed forums. The new regulations also encourage research mediation that will help ensure greater visibility and impact in Denmark and internationally.

Responding to this demand for greater visibility, Perspective is a digital journal that publishes articles written by scholars and researchers from art museums, universities and similar institutions in Denmark and abroad. All articles are peer-reviewed and published in Danish and English. Perspective is funded by the Danish Agency for Culture and SMK.

Explore the digital art magazine Perspective that delves into art and museology with Danish museum practice as its starting point. 


Read articles about art in the museum’s past research journal, SMK Art Journal.