What are we investigating?

The Bosch-Bruegel research project involves the conservation and restoration of both the Copenhagen and Tallinn versions of Christ Driving the Money-lenders from the Temple. Conservation of the two paintings is currently in progress and is being carried out by Hannah Tempest at the National Gallery of Denmark and Alar Nurske at the Kadriorg Art Museum. The conservation of the paintings is being undertaken within the context of the research project, and conservation decisions are guided by invaluable input from members of our international team of conservators, conservation scientists, curators and art historians.

So far, the Copenhagen team has been posting about the exciting discoveries and day-to-day activities of the conservation process on Twitter. In addition to this, conservators and curators from Tallinn and Copenhagen will now be blogging about the conservation of the two paintings. The aim of the blog is to share information about the conservation process with you as it happens, and to offer an insight into the important work that goes on behind the scenes of our museums and galleries as conservators work hard to preserve our shared cultural heritag

All three paintings have a similar composition: ”Christ driving Money-lenders from the temple" and are owned by the Kadriorg Art Museum, Glasgow Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Denmark. The National Gallery of Denmark is head of the conservation and technical research team. Together with the institutions involved in the project and the external experts the National gallery of Denmark will carry out and assist in Infrared (IR-) imaging, X-radiography, dendrochronology and pigment- and binding media analysis of each of the four paintings.

The project will result in a travel-exhibition (Tallinn-Glasgow-Copenhagen) on aspects of the technical and art historical research. The project will also result in a publication covering various aspects of the technical research as well as topics like production of copies for the 16th century art market and the origin and iconography of the composition.

Follow us on Twitter and through the project website where we will be writing about various aspects of the projec.

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