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Museums and Art in the Information Age

How can the present be preserved and presented in the future? Since the 1960s, major and crucial changes have taken place within the field of the visual arts: sculpture has stepped down from its pedestal and out into the room, and pictures have torn themselves away from the canvas. Art regularly experiments with new media that traverses materials and genres. Media such as video and photography, sound, text, the Internet, happenings and performances have increasingly become a part of the artists’ expanded palette.

At the same time art has moved away from the traditional museum setting, engaging more directly with society and interacting with everyday life, political movements, popular culture, technology and new media.

The changes seen in the realm of art also change the museums and their role. New, ephemeral and transient media has gained a firm foothold and remain an important and ever-growing aspect of art, one that the museums must relate to. Unfortunately, handling time-based and immaterial art is a major challenge that creates particular problems in terms of presentation and interpretation, and not least in terms of conservation and preservation.

This means that in many museums, art of this kind is not clearly visible to museumgoers as an important part of our overall cultural heritage. This is the challenge which this project Museums and Art in the Information Age seeks to address.

The project is funded by a grant from the Velux Foundation

Team of researchers and art interpreters

Birgitte Anderberg, Curator and Senior Researcher, SMK

Louise Cone, Conservator and Researcher, SMK

Mette Houlberg Rung, Art Interpreter, PhD., SMK

Pernille Jensen, Exhibition Architect, SMK

Marianne Torp, Chief Curator and Senior Researcher, SMK

Fillip Danstrup, Curator, learning and interpretation, Museum of Contemporary Art

Magnus Kaslov, Curator, collections, Museum of Contemporary Art

NN, Postdoc, Museum of Contemporary Art

Mathias Danbolt, Assistant Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen

Morten Søndergaard, Associated Professor and Curator/creator in interactive media art at the School of Communication, Art and Technology, Aalborg University

CATS (Centre for Art Technological Studies and Conservation), a research centre lead by SMK, the National Museum of Denmark (NMD) and the School of Conservation (KADK) at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Project period

The project runs from September 2017 to April 2020 and comprises a number of theory based workshops, conservation treatment and ‘hands on’ subprojects and dissemination.

For more information contact Project Manager Birgitte Anderberg or Research Coordinator Miriam Watts.

Upcoming activities

Museums and Immaterial Art

What: Symposium.
When: Friday 8th September 2017.
Where: Louisiana, Museum for Modern Art.

The symposium is arranged by Birgitte Anderberg, Tine Colstrup, Louise Cone, Mads Kullberg and Miriam Watts and is supported by the Agency for Culture and Palaces.

Institutional performance - performane in institutions

What: Seminar and workshop.
Where: Statens Museum for Kunst.
When: 1st-3rd November 2017.

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