The curriculum vitae of Anne Duer

Mag. Art.

  • Born 4 November 1970
  • Department of Art History, Aarhus Universitet 1994-1996
  • Hunter College, New York 1996
  • Department of Art History, University of Copenhagen 1997-2002
  • Candidate (Mag. Art.) in Art History from Department of Art History, University of Copenhagen 2002
  • Student assistant, Kunstmuseet Køge Skitsesamling (now KØS museum of art in public spaces) 1998-99
  • Student assistant, Statens Museum for Kunst, The Royal Collection of Graphic Art 1999-2002
  • Art registrar, Statens Museum for Kunst 2003-2004
  • Project manager for the hanging of the Highlights exhibition, Statens Museum for Kunst 2004-2005
  • Curator at The Royal Collection of Paintings and Sculptures, Statens Museum for Kunst 2005-
  • Project manager for the re-hanging at Statens Museum for Kunst 2006
  • Head of Registrar's Office, Statens Museum for Kunst 2008-2010
  • Project manager of the new display of Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900, European Art 1300-1800 and Danish and International Art after 1900, Statens Museum for Kunst 2010-2012
  • Long-term loans (the Central Administration, museums, the Royal Family), Statens Museum for Kunst 2013-

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