Eva de la Fuente Pedersen, senior research curator

The Collection and Research department
Tel.: +4525527216

Research area

Pre-19th century European painting and sculpture

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Selected publications

Eva de la Fuente Pedersen & Troels Filtenborg. "A Boutsian Madonna". ArtMatters!. 2014.

Eva de la Fuente Pedersen & Troels Filtenborg. "Two versions of a Boutsian Virgin and Child painting: questions of attribution, chronology and function". European Paintings 15 – 18th century: Copying, Emulating and Replicating. CATS / National Gallery of Denmark. 2013, pp. 36-49.

Eva de la Fuente Pedersen & Hanne Kolind Poulsen, red. Flowers and World Views. Exhibition catalogue. National Gallery of Denmark. 2013.

"Flora's World: Still Lifes in the Collections of Statens Museum for Kunst, 1600-1800". Flowers and World Views. Chapter 2, National Gallery of Denmark. 2013. 18-80.

“Jordaens’ Tribute Money: An Unknown Oil Sketch”. Jordaens Genius of Grand Scale. CISA Cultural and Interdisciplinary Studies in Art, Bd. X, rds. Birgit Ulrike Münch & Zita Ágota Pataki. Stuttgart. 2012, pp. 95-112.

“Jacob Jordaens’ The Ferry Boat to Antwerp – Concerning its acquisition and reception”. SMK ARTJOURNAL. Statens Museum for Kunst 2010-2011, ed. Peter Nørgaard Larsen. Odder. 2012, pp. 98-105, Danish version pp. 6-15.

11 works about the Shadow, ed. Sven Bjerkhof. The National Gallery of Denmark. 2012.

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Flowers and World Views, National Gallery of Denmark. 22 March - 20 October 2013.

Jordaens. Et Mesterværk bliver til, National Gallery of Denmark. 8 November 2008 - 1 February 2009.

Rembrandt? Mesteren og hans værksted, National Gallery of Denmark. 4 February - 14 May 2006.

Highlights, National Gallery of Denmark. 18 March 2005 - 14 May 2006.

Rubens Cantoor. The Drawings of Willem Panneels, together with Jan Garff, The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, National Gallery of Denmark. 1988.

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