Research curator

  • Student counsellor, member of the board of studies, student advisor, student teacher, assistant lecturer, and part-time lecturer at the Department of Art History, University of Copenhagen, 1995-2003
  • Studies at La Sapienza, Universitá di Roma, 1995, and at ASCA, Amsterdam Studies for Cultural Analysis, under Prof. Mieke Bal, 2004-5
  • MA (Research Degree); Spøgelser i arkivet for Renaissancen. Renaissancebegrebet, historieopfattelsen og kunsthistorien, med særlig opmærksomhed på Erwin Panofskys renaissance, 2000 (“Ghosts in the Archives for the Renaissance. The concept of Renaissance, perception of history, and art history with a particular view to Erwin Panofsky’s renaissance”)
  • PhD thesis: Analyser af hovedværker i dansk billedkunst fra N. A. Abildgaard til Asger Jorn. 2003-2005 (“Analyses of important works within Danish art from N. A. Abildgaard to Asger Jorn”)
  • Tour guide and head of the education department at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2005
  • Postdoctoral project on national identity; responsible for the collections of Older Danish Art and The Royal Cast Collection at the National Gallery of Denmark, 2006-13
  • Reviewer of art books with Danish newspaper Politiken, 2008-

Other activities and spheres of interest

  • Lecturer/guest speaker
  • Has also worked at Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, 1985-86

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