Liza Burmeister Kaaring, Ph.d. scholarship

The Collection and Research Department
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Area of research

Ph.d. project (start: September 2011) on Danish graphic art after 1945. The project examines the interrelations between “The figurist's’” work and the political life during the cold war as well as the correspondances to existentialist literature and philosophy of the 1950ies. The artists are among others: Palle Nielsen, Svend Wiig Hansen and Dan Sterup-Hansen.

The curriculum vitae of Liza Burmeister Kaaring


"Gijsbrechts in absentia", in SMK #1, National Gallery of Denmark 2010.

"Lundstrøms evighedsblå", in SMK #1, National Gallery of Denmark 2010.

"Om Freddie og hans kunst", texts written for the website made in connection with the exhibition Wilhelm Freddie: Stick the Fork in your Eye!, The National Gallery of Denmark 2009.

”Vilhelm Lundstrøm as clearsighted ironist”, in SMK Art Journal 2008-09, ed. Peter Nørgaard Larsen, National Gallery of Denmark 2009.

”Tracking the Language of Stillness”, in SMK Art Journal 2007, ed. Peter Nørgaard Larsen, National Gallery of Denmark 2008.

Contributions to

"Kunstens frihed og frihedens kunst" with Michael Fjeldsøe, Morten Michelsen and Jens Tang Kristensen, in 1950'erne, Gads Forlag and Golden Days 2012.

The catalogue for the exhibition "Danish Masters 1800-1850", Pushkin Museum, Moscow 2011 (in russian).

Art Stories,, texts on Wilhelm Freddie, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Kirsten Justesen, C.N. Gijsbrechts, Niels Hansen Jacobsen and Emil Nolde (texts on Nolde are not publised yet).

A Sight for Sore Eyes. 76 Prints from the Department of Prints and Drawings, ed. Chris Fischer and Jan Würtz Frandsen, National Gallery of Denmark 1998.

Den Store Danske Encyklopædi, Gyldendal.

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